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If you are facing the unexpected costs of paying for long term care, or if you have a parent or loved one who is relying on you to help them through an unexpected nursing home or long term care need, we are ready to work with you to help you plan for this stage of life. Orcutt Law Offices has experience assisting elderly persons who are facing the unexpected costs of transitioning to a nursing home. This is often a time of substantial emotional and economic stress that can also lead to a financial crisis.

Because of a lack of planning, many seniors and their families in this crisis situation end up paying for nursing home care out of their savings. As experienced crisis planning attorneys, we have the knowledge and training to help you apply for and qualify for Medicaid to help you save as much of your estate as possible during this unexpected time.

If you are currently feeling the pressure and facing the unexpected expense of a nursing home, contact us today so that together we can develop a plan to protect your estate and provide for your care.